NU Bound

What is NU Bound?

NU Bound is an academically rigorous one-year program for select students which provides a pathway to transfer to Northeastern in your second year of university study. Through the successful completion of NU Bound, you will become acclimated to college life and feel fully prepared to begin your studies at Northeastern’s Boston campus. As an NU Bound student, you will begin your college experience in England at the New College of the Humanities (NCH) in London, part of Northeastern’s global university system

NU Bound will offer you the chance to connect with other future Huskies; together you will become global citizens as you are immersed in London’s rich culture and history. Upon your successful completion of the program, NU Bound courses will transfer to Northeastern, contributing to your overall credit requirements for graduation, core curriculum requirements through NU Path, and possibly introductory course requirements depending on your intended major at Northeastern. By the time you transition to Boston in your second year you will have broadened your perspective, expanded your networks, and gained insights which will prepare you for future experiential learning opportunities during your remaining years at Northeastern and beyond. 


New College of the Humanities 

The New College of the Humanities is situated in Devon House in St Katharine Docks, a vibrant and dynamic quarter in central London. Located just a few minutes’ walk from the Tower of London, one of the UK’s most iconic heritage sites, and Tower Bridge, one of the most instantly recognizable structures in the worldSt Katharine Docks are steeped in the history of London and the River Thames upon which the city was founded. 

NCH’s unique partnership with Northeastern University will allow you and your peers to begin your university experience by living, studying, and growing in London before transitioning to Boston for your second year.


As an NU Bound student, you can take courses in the humanities, social sciences, business, and data scienceearning a full academic year’s worth of credit. You may be able to select alternate courses if you receive advanced credits from AP, IB or other international examinations. Your admission to your degree program at Northeastern is guaranteed at the start of your second year of study if you complete the program and meet the following requirements: 

  • 3.0 overall GPA in all academic courses
  • Earn a C or better in each course during the fall term
  • Earn a B- or better in each course during the spring term 

Students in NU Bound will be able to complete courses in a range of disciplines—you are invited to view the NU Bound Course Description Guide for the full list. College specific course maps for the Fall 2021 semester are linked in the below 'Majors at NU Bound' section.

For more information on course registration, please review the NU Bound Course Registration FAQs and the How To Guide.

Majors at NU Bound

Students in the NU Bound program have been admitted to pursue specific majors and may complete a number of courses that help them progress towards their graduation requirements. During the program, students may submit major change requests to, these requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please note that a major change may impact the length of time it takes to complete your degree at Northeastern. NU Bound students will be best served by continuing to pursue majors and combined majors in the following areas at Northeastern upon successful completion of the program. Course maps for the Fall 2021 semester are linked in the college names below.

Students who will be graduating high school with many advanced standing credits may be a less strong fit for NU Bound due to course options available to students at the New College of the Humanities. Please see our advanced standing test credit policy here.

Student Life

  • NU Bound students will reside in Chapter Spitalfields. Located in London’s East End, the Spitalfields neighborhood is home to artists and creatives, and is known for its street art, quirky shops, trendy restaurants, and famed markets.

    Students will live in either studio apartments, or in 2-, or 4-bedroom apartments with shared bathroom and kitchen space. Kitchenware and linens are included as part of the program fee. Northeastern University- and New College of the Humanities-hired coordinators will serve as residential coordinators in Chapter Spitalfields. In addition, Chapter Spitalfields has CCTV in and around each property, as well as an electronic key entry system for the main entrance, common areas, each flat, and bedroom. Staff are also on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • NU Bound is designed to challenge you and provide you with the opportunity to grow intellectually and personally. You will develop a deeper understanding of intercultural differences as you prepare for study in Boston in your second year. Your expanded network will now be a global one. Your first year abroad through NU Bound will help you realize your potential and enhance your future studies at Northeastern and beyond.

Next Steps

To confirm your enrollment in NU Boundyou must pay your $1,200 non-refundable enrollment deposit by May 1, 2021. Your enrollment deposit can be submitted through your Application Status Check. For two semesters in London, which includes tuition, housing, and fees, your total program cost for NU Bound is: $54,000.  

Students participating in NU Bound must obtain a U.K. Student visa. Northeastern and the New College of the Humanities will provide enrolling students with support during the visa application process. You can learn more about the U.K. Student visa application requirements and application process here, and review specific English Language Requirements here.

Beginning in London

After you submit your enrollment deposit for NU Bound, you will work directly with representatives at NCH to move through the enrollment process. For all other questions about the NU Bound program, please reach out to 

Transition to Boston

Upon successful completion of the NU Bound Program, you and your peers will enroll full-time on Northeastern’s Boston campus for your second year. You will be invited to attend orientation and receive ongoing support as you transition into academic and social life in Boston. Your experiences with NU Bound will allow you to apply a unique global perspective in the classroom and beyond.

Please note that university-sponsored housing will not be available to NU Bound students transitioning to Boston for their second year. The Off Campus Student Services Office supports the needs of off-campus students–visit their website for more information.

Have Questions

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or reach out to with any other questions about the program.