Honors & Scholars Programs

Stretch your education.

Discover dynamic and rigorous programs that will expand your Northeastern experience and deliver unique learning opportunities.
  • Each fall, the John Martinson Honors Program at Northeastern University invites a select group of applicants to join its community. All applicants are considered for the John Martinson Honors Program and those invited into the program are among our most highly accomplished and motivated applicants.

    The John Martinson Honors Program establishes connections built 
on a set of shared values: interdisciplinary thinking, a willingness to accept challenges both inside and outside of the classroom, the development of a global mindset, and the commitment to community.

    Students in the program are expected to be active participants in the Honors Community; be it through Honors Curriculum, undergraduate research, global opportunities, community service, special events, advising, and Honors in the Discipline.

    Honors education at Northeastern University empowers students to chart a unique academic course that will challenge them to think across disciplines, take risks, increase global perspective, and promote opportunities for creative expression and critical thinking.

    Through Honors Welcome Week, the First Year Inquiry Series, Advising Resources, the Honors e-Portfolio, and our Living Learning Community, students become connected to one another, supported on their academic and personal journey, and frame their own vision of becoming successful as they study and live with other Honors students.

    The Honors experience is characterized by outstanding faculty, innovative curriculum and engaged students. Each of these three components work together synergistically to produce a unique learning environment.

  • The Ujima Global Leaders Program is a program focused on developing leaders for an increasingly diverse and complex world.

    Ujima Global Leaders are supported by a scholarship in recognition of their accomplishments and their potential to become agents for positive change in both our local and global communities. There is no separate application process for this program, decisions are rendered based on the undergraduate admissions application submitted to the university.

    The program is designed so participants may lead a purposeful life of global citizenship, excellence, service, and personal and professional success. The program’s objectives include:

    • Developing leadership capabilities
    • Demonstrating the importance of global citizenship
    • Expanding your knowledge of issues regarding diversity and inclusion
    • Engaging in meaningful community service experiences
    • Exposing you to personal, professional, and career development opportunities

  • This program is unparalleled in its support for first-generation, low-income students from diverse backgrounds. Much more than a scholarship, Torch is a comprehensive model for access, retention, and achievement. There is no separate application process, students must be nominated for the program.

    Torch Scholars have the power to change the world.

    The extensive full-scholarship program includes:

    • A comprehensive summer immersion program
    • Intensive academic planning and assessments
    • In-depth peer and professional mentoring
    • A wide array of social events that foster group identity and camaraderie