About Northeastern

Finding Your Fit

Northeastern offers a top-tier experiential education to our students—students like you who do not fit into any mold. We value your educational strengths just as much as your entrepreneurial spirit, or your global outlook, your community involvement, and your many other strengths and interests. Northeastern students are worldly, wise, aware, and proactive. You can best prepare for Northeastern by making sure to highlight your strengths, broaden your outreach, and take advantage of opportunities offered to you.

Haven’t quite decided where to go to college?

The decision of which school is the best fit for you and your family can be challenging. It involves conversations, advice, thoughts, planning—and a great deal of weighing the pros and cons. We’ve compiled this list of things to do and consider while choosing your college:



Investigate all of your options. Find out the unique benefits of the schools you’re looking at. And start early!


Visit Campus

The best way to see if you fit somewhere is to go there and tour campus. If you can’t make it to Boston, check out our virtual tour.


Make a list

Define your top priorities in a college. Take that list with you to visits so you can check off the boxes as you go. It’s great to have these in mind ahead of time so you know what to look for when you’re there.


Ask for Advice

From school counselors and admissions counselors—not to mention older siblings and peers.


Make your choice

Choose the school that’s the right fit for you—academically and personally. After all, this is the start of your future.

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