About Northeastern

The Northeastern Advantage

You’ve made it.

All of your hard work—a lifetime of curiosity, ambition, and determination—has led you to this point. You’re going to college. At Northeastern, you will define your future through a powerful education that integrates learning inside and outside of the classroom.

Through experiential learning and our signature co-op program, you’ll bring your academics to life, and your life experiences back to your classroom.

Whether you’re walking the grassy quad en route to class, traversing unfamiliar roads halfway across the globe, or moments away from a breakthrough in the lab, it’s your experiences here that give you a leg up. No two educational paths are the same.

We prepare you to engage with the world—not just learn about it. To set the curve, not follow it. And embrace change that propels you forward. Because excellence, not average, is your measure.

So create something. Try new things. Follow your instincts. Fail when you can—then learn from it. Make your mark.

This is why you choose Northeastern University.

You’re ready.