Specialized Entry Programs

Make your first year at Northeastern memorable.

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The Program

The Program is a first-semester global experience rooted in Northeastern’s core belief that students should be engaged citizens of the world. students begin their studies as a cohort at one of our program locations before transitioning to the Boston campus in January for the second semester.


The Program provides a truly transformative experience for students. alumni are adventurous, bold, ambitious, intellectually curious, reflective, and independent individuals who engage in their own learning. They share a passion for the world and thrive in their community. students are well prepared for translating their knowledge into marketable assets throughout college and in the future. students have their own Orientation program in the summer months to prepare them for their experience. After a semester in The Program, they then attend New Student Orientation in January before continuing their studies on the Northeastern University campus.


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The Global Scholars Program

Northeastern's uniqueness as a university has always been rooted in connection. For us, scholarship and education are not abstract pursuits but directly related to the communities around our campuses, our broader society, and the world beyond. Global Scholars is grounded in this concept.


Northeastern created the Global Scholars program with the mission that future Huskies should, from the very early stages of their educational journey, be actively engaged with our global university system and an expansive network of students, alumni, and corporate partners.


Together, students will study at two separate NU campuses for the first year. Current Global Scholars students are studying at one of our three undergraduate campuses in London, England, the Bay Area, California, and Boston, Massachusetts. During the second year and beyond, students will study on Northeastern's Boston campus or continue to explore global program offerings.

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The London Scholars Program

London Scholars students will spend their first year studying at Northeastern University London, a prestigious, university-level college situated in Devon House in St Katharine Docks, a vibrant and dynamic quarter in central London. Located just a few minutes walk from the Tower of London, one of the UK's most iconic heritage sites, and Tower Bridge, one of the most instantly recognizable structures in the world, St Katharine Docks is steeped in the history of London and the River Thames upon which the city was founded.


Northeastern University London's unique global positioning will allow students to amplify their university experience by living, studying, and growing in London. During their second year and beyond, London Scholars will study on Northeastern's Boston campus or continue to explore global program offerings.

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NU Immerse

NU Immerse is a transitional experience for non-native English-speaking students, offering advanced English language preparation and an introduction to college culture through a year-long program in Boston. This immersive program is an excellent start to your university studies and provides a comprehensive academic and cultural experience designed to help you succeed at Northeastern University and improve your English language skills.


For the highly motivated student—NU Immerse is your opportunity to jump into the flow of college life while exposing you to an environment that will enable you to develop your academic skills, strengthen your resumé, and prepare you for a successful transition to Northeastern. Throughout your time in NU Immerse, you will benefit from support every step of the way

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Foundation Year

Foundation Year integrates rigorous academics with student support services to create an environment where you can be successful for your entire Northeastern college experience. Students who successfully complete Foundation Year will matriculate into a degree program at Northeastern through one of two pathways: through Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies (CPS) or through one of Northeastern’s seven undergraduate day colleges by meeting academic standards.


Students who successfully complete Foundation Year and matriculate into a degree program at Northeastern either through CPS or one of the seven undergraduate day colleges will now be eligible for the NU Promise, giving committed grant funds to fill the gap between your demonstrated need and cost of attendance.

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General Studies Program

General Studies is a first-year program designed to help you find academic success in your first year and beyond. It is a small program (approximately 180 students). As a General Studies student, you’ll spend your first year immersed in a combination of requirements, NU core courses, and introductory courses for your intended major. If you’re unsure of what you would like to major in, we will help you define your search and reach your goals. Most General Studies students take five courses, equaling 17 credit hours, each semester.