Application Information

Transferring Credit

Transfer credit may be available to students who complete advanced examinations in high school or college-level courses at an accredited higher education institution.

Northeastern will consider credit-bearing courses taken at an accredited higher education institution with grades of “C” or higher as reported on an official transcript or certain advanced examinations with qualifying marks for transfer credit.

Northeastern does not pre-evaluate courses for transfer credit. Once a student is admitted, they are able to have courses evaluated for transfer credit.

To have courses considered for transfer credit, Northeastern will first need to receive an official college transcript from an accredited higher education institution. Official transcripts may be sent via electronic exchange or standard USPS mailing to the address below:

Northeastern University
Application Processing Center
P.O. Box 8210
Portsmouth, NH 03802

If you wish to see what courses transfer to Northeastern, please refer to our transfer equivalency database. The database is listed below under “Transfer Equivalency Database.” If a course is not listed in the database, it means Northeastern academic departments have not evaluated the course before.

After admittance, students may submit full syllabi for courses that do not appear in the transfer equivalency database through the application status check. This will allow Northeastern academic departments to evaluate new courses.

Admitted students will also gain access to the myPAWS Degree Audit Review System where the evaluation of transfer credit is posted throughout the transfer credit process.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions facilitates the transfer credit process in partnership with Northeastern academic departments. Course equivalencies in the transfer credit database are used as a guide on how classes at your current or former institution can be transferred to Northeastern. While a course may appear in the transfer credit database below, it does not guarantee that it will transfer into your individual major. You must apply and submit your official transcript of coursework completed to our Office of Undergraduate Admissions before a final determination can be made.

  • Northeastern only considers courses for credit in which a grade of C or higher is earned. Courses taken in a pass/fail format are not considered for credit.

  • If you are applying as a transfer student from an international university and wish to have courses evaluated for transfer credit after admittance, you will need to provide a certified transcript evaluation completed by a recognized credentialing agency, such as the Center for Educational Documentation (CED), SpanTranWorld Education Services (WES), or another recognized credentialing agency and the credentialed evaluation must include the following:

    • An indication that the institution is accredited in US terms
    • A course by course credit and grade conversion
  • The transfer equivalency database can be used to see how classes can be transferred to Northeastern. Transfer credit rules are retired after five years and re-evaluated as new information becomes available. For courses that do not appear in this database, admitted students will need to upload syllabi through the application status check for transfer credit evaluation. The transfer equivalency database also outlines transfer credit policies.


  • A complete/full course syllabus will contain ALL the following information (syllabi cannot be older than Fall 2018):

    • Course title – must match the title listed on your official college transcript, including course number
    • Textbook(s) used in this class
    • Course subject overview/course content (usually a week-by-week breakdown of topics covered during the course)
    • Learning outcomes
    • A complete description of the class
    • Documents should be emailed in PDF format to If you have questions regarding the required information or the information you have submitted, please email with your NU ID.