Application Information

Deadlines & Decisions

Familiarize yourself with the timeline for each applicant type so you never miss a beat.

  • If Northeastern is your number one college choice, and you are committed to attending if admitted, Early Decision is the admissions program that is right for you. Early Decision is ideal for students who are confident that we are the right fit—academically, socially, and financially. Please note, Early Decision is binding—if you are admitted, you are committed to attending and required to withdraw all applications from other institutions.

    You will have two opportunities to apply for Early Decision consideration: by November 1 for Early Decision I or by January 1 for Early Decision II. Early Decision II allows students who realize that Northeastern is their first choice later in the application process to still show their high level of interest.

    Learn more about our Early Decision Benefits.

    Early Decision I Application Deadline: November 1
    Early Decision I Decision Notification By: December 15
    Early Decision II Application Deadline: January 1
    Early Decision II Decision Notification By: February 15
  • Choose Early Action if Northeastern is a top choice—and you feel that you can put your best foot forward at this earlier date, since the Admissions Committee will not see your senior year grades or late fall standardized testing.

    Early Action is non-binding.

    Application Deadline: November 1
    Decision Notification By: February 1
  • Choose Regular Decision if you would like the Admissions Committee to review information from the first semester of your senior year, and to have additional time to put the finishing touches on your application.

    Regular Decision is non-binding.

    Application Deadline: January 1
    Decision Notification By: April 1
  • Transfer students have the opportunity to apply for enrollment at Northeastern for Fall 2022 entry. To ensure that your application is reviewed for fall admission, all required documents should be received by the application deadline. Those interested in beginning on campus in September can apply starting in mid-January. We will not be considering applicants for Spring 2022 entry.

    Fall Deadline: April 1
  • Our financial aid deadline for the FAFSA is aligned with the CSS Profile deadline, allowing us to deliver more complete award notifications to admitted students at the time of their decision release.

    For additional information regarding aid, please see our Applying for Financial Aid page or contact Student Financial Services directly.

    FAFSA/CSS Submission Deadlines
    Early Decision I:  November 15
    Early Action: December 1
    Early Decision II: January 15
    Regular Decision: February 15
    Transfer Fall: April 15

First-Year Applicant Decision Types

For first-year applicants, once you submit your application, you will receive one of the following admissions decisions: