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The Official Husky Ambassador Blogs

Our Husky Ambassadors are undergraduate student leaders who provide valuable and diverse perspectives about life at Northeastern through campus tours, welcome events, blogs, and more. Check out some of their student blogs to experience the University through the eyes of a current student.

Why this criminal justice student wants to become Boston’s first deaf police officer.

Profiling Criminal Justice student Mohamed Abanoor, who is looking to work as a Boston Police officer, and is currently on co-op at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.

Their co-op contributed to advancing new research on alzheimer’s and brain health.

Profiling fourth-year students Sabrina Bond and Sofia Mazuera and their work as co-authors on a study conducted by scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital, where Bond and Mazuera worked on the study as co-ops.

Disability mentoring co-op expands inclusivity.

Aliyah Jackson’s work with a Boston nonprofit organization called You’re with Us! expands access and inclusion in everyday activities for young adults with disabilities.

Manure makes drinking water? An unlikely solution to a global crisis.

Yi Zheng, Associate Professor of mechanical and industrial engineering at Northeastern wasn’t sure what useful item he might be able to make from manure, but he had a hunch that it had promise.

Babies respond to sign language. What does that tell us about human nature?

Are infants’ brains specially tuned to language, or is it simply speech that attracts their attention? Iris Berent, professor of psychology at Northeastern, investigates.

Meet the law professor who helped refugees escape Afghanistan. Her work has just begun.

Alexander Meise is a longtime human rights advocate and an associate teaching professor at Northeastern’s School of Law. “... if I could do something positive to help, then I was going to do it.”

News @ Northeastern

Want to learn about our expert faculty and their research? Whether it happens in the classroom, in a laboratory, or on another continent, News @ Northeastern brings you timely stories about every aspect of life, learning and discovery at Northeastern.

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