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At Northeastern, our aim is to support our school counseling colleagues by providing a comprehensive, user-friendly resource guide that can be bookmarked and revisited as often as needed. The Admissions team can also assist with questions or comments at

Northeastern is a global, experiential, research university built on a tradition of engagement with the world, creating a distinctive approach to education and research. Experiential learning lies at the heart of academic life at Northeastern—this integration of study and professional experience enables students to put ideas into action through work, research, academics, and service in 148 countries around the world.

Undergraduates are empowered to chart their own academic path, through more than 270 majors and over 170 combined majors, across eight undergraduate colleges, schools, and university programs. Learn more:

Information for Counselors

Critical Updates for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

  • Early Decision: We expect to enroll half of our entering class through Early Decision this year. For the class entering in fall 2021, the ED admit rate was 47% compared to the overall admit of 18%.
    • For students who have identified Northeastern as their unequivocal first choice, we encourage them to consider applying ED I or ED II.
    • Recognizing that students make a commitment to Northeastern through Early Decision, Northeastern is making a commitment back to them through opportunities for early access to academic credit and experiential learning.
    • Please visit our website for more information for potential Early Decision applicants.
  • Test Optional: Northeastern will continue to be test optional for the 2021-22 application cycle, meaning that students can choose to apply with or without the SAT or ACT.
  • Prospective Student Programming: Northeastern’s Visitor Center is currently open. Information sessions and campus tours in Boston must be scheduled in advance through our website. We also continue to offer a robust selection of virtual information sessions and program offerings, all of which can be scheduled through our website.

Class of 2025 Profile

At Northeastern, we review each application completely and holistically. Each student’s academic performance is considered alongside recommendations, extracurricular activities, and other qualitative measures of success. Our admissions process focuses on identifying dynamic applicants who will thrive at our large, urban, globally minded campus.

Below are some highlights from the last admissions cycle:

  • Northeastern received more than 75,000 first-year application for the 2021-2022 academic year, a 17% increase from the prior year.
  • Enrolling students joined the Northeastern community in several ways: as first-years on our Boston campus, through The Program, through other pathway programs (such as Foundation Year, NU Bound, and NU Immerse), and virtually, through our new Global ConnEXions program.
  • Our signature first-year global experience, The Program continues to be an integral part of the Northeastern experience for many students. This fall we welcomed 1,200 students into the Boston site, 325 in Greece, 200 in Italy, 200 in Ireland, and 325 in England.
  • For fall 2021, Northeastern awarded $127.2 million in institutional aid – both need and merit.
  • Undergraduate day students who qualify for a Federal Pell Grant had their full demonstrated need met through a combination of grants, scholarships, and work-study from federal, state, and institutional resources. Financial aid awards for eligible Pell Grant recipients did not include Federal Direct Loans, and were instead awarded a Northeastern University Access Grant. Learn more about the financial support provided by Northeastern to Pell Grant recipients.
  • Over the last decade, enrolling underrepresented minority students have increased by 263%; 28% of the enrolling students identified as underrepresented minority students, as compared with only 12% in fall 2011.
  • Despite limitations on global mobility due to the ongoing pandemic, and with critical support from the Office of Global Services, Northeastern welcomed more international students into our community in fall 2021 as compared to fall 2020—a 26% increase, with students from 90 different countries either on campus in Boston or through The Program, Foundation Year, NU Bound, or NU Immerse.

Visiting Campus

Please note that our Visitor Center is currently open and information sessions and campus tours in Boston can be scheduled in advance. We continue to offer a robust selection of virtual information sessions and program offerings, all of which can be scheduled through our website. Online registration can be found here:

Getting to Campus

The Northeastern Visitor Center is located on Northeastern’s main campus in Boston, on Centennial Common in the West Village Residential Complex (West Village F), directly across from Ruggles Station (Orange Line).

Please note: If you or your students plan to visit campus, please review Massachusetts’s current travel order and familiarize yourself with this information, as visitors are expected to be in compliance while on campus.


First-Year Application Process

All prospective first-year students must submit either the Common Application or Coalition Application by November 1 or January 1.

Application Plan Application Deadline Decision Release Deposit Deadline
Early Decision I * November 1 December 15 January 15
Early Action November 1 February 1 May 1
Early Decision II * January 1 February 15 March 1
Regular Decision January 1 April 1 May 1

* Early Decision I and Early Decision II are binding for fall admission.

Possible Admissions Decisions

  • Whether students apply through the Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision program, possible admissions decisions include admit to the fall semester (including admission into the General Studies Program or University Honors Program), admit into The Program; or denial of admission.
    • Applicants who apply in Early Decision should note that if admitted into The Program, they are released from the binding Early Decision Agreement and have until May 1 to submit their deposit
    • Additional information on Early Decision is available here.
  • Applicants who apply in Early Decision or Early Action may also have their application deferred to Regular Decision. If deferred, students must confirm their continued interest or withdraw. Students who do not reply to the deferral will not receive a decision in Regular Decision. Any student whose application was deferred should plan to have their high school submit mid-year grades. Any new information from the student should be submitted through their Application Status Check portal.
  • Applicants who apply in Regular Decision, or who were deferred from Early Decision or Early Action, may also be considered for admission into one of Northeastern’s pathway programs. More information is provided in the section below.
  • In addition, applicants who apply in Regular Decision may be offered a place on Northeastern’s waitlist. If waitlisted, students must confirm their continued interest or withdraw. Students who do not reply to the waitlist will not receive a final admissions decision from Northeastern. Any new information from the student should be submitted through their applicant portal.

Pathway Programs

Regular Decision applicants are also considered for three different specialized entry programs, which provide conditional admission to Northeastern, contingent upon successfully completing the program. All students who meet the minimum academic requirements will transfer into one of the full-time, bachelor’s degree-seeking programs offered in one of our eight traditional Northeastern undergraduate colleges or programs on our Boston campus.

  • NU Bound is a one-year program for first-year applicants that provides a pathway to transfer to Northeastern in the second year of study, following one year in London studying at the New College of the Humanities, part of Northeastern’s global university system.
  • NU Immerse is a transitional experience for non-native English-speaking students, which offers advanced English language preparation and an introduction to college culture through a year-long program, either in the College of Professional Studies on Northeastern’s Boston campus, or at the New College of the Humanities, Northeastern’s partner university in London.
  • Foundation Year is a one-year program for Boston high school graduates and GED certificate completers, which integrates rigorous academics and additional student support services to prepare Boston students for success. Students can participate in the bachelor’s completion program in Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies or one of our eight traditional Northeastern undergraduate colleges or programs on our Boston campus.

Important Links to Review

Submitting Documents

Documents not submitted through the Common Application or Coalition Application (or another college readiness platform) can either be emailed to (from an identifiable and verifiable school email address) or mailed to one of the two addresses below:

For application fees, application fee waiver requests (separate from any submitted with the application), or any FedEx, UPS, or Priority Mail packages:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
200 Kerr Hall
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115-5000 USA

For transcripts, academic records, and recommendations (if unable to submit online):

Northeastern University
Application Processing Center
P.O. Box 8210
Portsmouth, NH 03802 USA

Financing Northeastern

All applicants are considered for merit scholarships. U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and eligible noncitizens are also considered for any need-based financial aid and federal student financial aid. Currently, 78% of undergraduate students are receiving aid, and the average need-based scholarship or grant is $37,965. Northeastern has committed to meeting the full demonstrated need for all eligible admitted students. For information on tuition, cost of attendance, and additional expenses, please review the Tuition and Fees section on the Student Financial Services webpage.

  • Any student who is interested in being considered for need-based financial aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Profile by the appropriate deadline.
  • Any first-year applicants who submits all necessary documents by the application deadline will receive their financial aid offer in coordination with their offer of admission.
  • Merit scholarships are determined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. No additional application is necessary, as the application for admissions also serves as the scholarship application. Any student who receives a merit scholarship will be notified about their scholarship when they are offered admission to Northeastern. Merit scholarships range from $10,000-28,000 per year.
  • International students seeking need-based scholarships and grants are recommended to apply for outside scholarships. For resources on outside scholarships, please review the International Students section on the Student Financial Services webpage.

CSS Profile

(NU code 3667) Students applying for institutional need-based aid must fill out a profile. Students seeking federal student aid only are not required to complete the CSS Profile Form.

The priority filing date for the CSS Profile depends upon admission application status:

  • Early Decision I: November 15, 2021
  • Early Action: December 1, 2021
  • Early Decision II:  January 15, 2022
  • Regular Decision: February 15, 2022
  • Fall Transfer: April 15, 2022


  • Despite our large applicant pool, students are able to stand out in our process through a combination of a multitiered file review process by our staff, as well as through visit and engagement with the university. Interested students should research and connect with the university through virtual offerings and by reaching out to their admission counselor.

    In our holistic review, we look for students who have challenged themselves academically by taking advantage of the curricular opportunities available to them; are engaged in activities outside of the classroom; and have demonstrated leadership and an interest in pursuing their passions.

    • Northeastern requires the secondary school report, high school transcript (including any predicted grades), counselor recommendation, and teacher evaluation from each applicant. All documents must be submitted to Northeastern directly from the high school or recommender.
    • Prospective students who applied in Early Decision II or Regular Decision, or who were deferred from Early Decision I and Early Action, are strongly encouraged to submit the Midyear Report by February 1 to provide additional insight into each applicant’s senior year performance.
    • Predicted grades are required for all applicants whose secondary education culminates in externally assessed high school graduation exams or university matriculation exams. Additional information on submitting predicted grades in available on the International Applicants page.
  • Yes. Northeastern is test optional for all students.

    Non-native English-speaking applicants are still required to submit official results from one of the following English Language Tests: C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency (Cambridge English); Duolingo English Test; IELTS Academic; PTE Academic; or TOEFL iBT. We will also consider results from the TOEFL iBT Home Edition and IELTS Indicator. Northeastern will not consider the TOEFL ITP Plus for China.

  • For fall 2021, approximately 32% of the enrolling class applied in Early Decision I or Early Decision II. For fall 2022, we anticipate enrolling approximately 50% of the incoming class through either Early Decision I or Early Decision II. For context, for fall 2021, the ED admit rate was 47% compared to the overall admit rate of 18%.

  • Your students can request a need-based fee waiver through either the Common Application or Coalition Application. Supporting documentation is not required from students, but if you are looking to submit documentation, such as the NACAC fee waiver request form, please email scanned copies to

  • All U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and eligible noncitizens who plan to apply for need-based financial aid from Northeastern or federal student financial aid, must submit both the FAFSA and CSS Profile by the appropriate financial aid application deadlines.

    For additional information on the financial aid application process, please visit the Applying for Financial Aid page on our website.

  • All applicants are considered for merit scholarship when applying. Students who are in the top 10-15% of our applicant pool are considered for these awards, with strongest emphasis for scholarship selection being placed on academic achievement. Students invited to the Honors Program are offered an Honors scholarship.

    Northeastern offers a variety of other scholarships depending on specific student achievements or actions, including competitive scholarships for National Merit Finalists and College Board National Scholars. Additionally, students may pursue microscholarships through the RaiseMe program. Additional information can be found on our Scholarships page.

  • Students who are interested in being considered for need-based financial aid will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well as the CSS Profile. Please note:

    • Students whose biological parents are not married to each other are required to provide information about both parent households when completing the CSS Profile.
    • Students and families should also be prepared to submit copies of W-2s, signed personal federal tax returns, including all schedules, as well as business tax returns.
    • Should additional materials or other supporting documentation be needed, we will indicate this in writing.
  • All incoming students are encouraged to complete their financial aid application materials by the priority filing date to ensure consideration for all available need-based financial aid programs for which they are eligible. Additionally, all first-year applicants who meet the aid application deadline and submit all required financial aid documents will receive their financial aid offer in coordination with their offer of admission. Once the financial aid awarding process has begun, financial aid awards will continue to be released on a rolling basis for students who complete their aid application materials. First-year students may view their Offer of Financial Assistance through their Application Status Check or their myNortheastern portal.

  • At Northeastern, we believe in your future. We also believe that financing your education is a partnership that continues throughout your enrollment, not just for your first year. Our commitment is reflected in our unique Northeastern Promise. The Promise enables you to plan for the entire cost of your degree through supporting the following conditions*:

    • We are dedicated to meeting the full demonstrated need for each admitted student eligible for federal financial aid.
    • Northeastern University scholarship and grant funds will not be reduced during your undergraduate program (for up to eight in-class semesters).
    • Northeastern University need-based grant funds will be increased annually at the same percentage rate as the increase in tuition.
    • If your family experiences a substantial negative change in financial circumstances, we will reevaluate your aid package and make available all financial resources for which you qualify.

    *Please visit the Student Financial Services website for more information regarding the terms and conditions of this commitment.

  • Approximately one-third of all financial aid applicants are selected by either the U.S. Department of Education or Northeastern’s Office of Student Financial Services to verify the information provided on the FAFSA and/or CSS Profile. If a student has been selected for verification and are required to submit additional documents, they will be notified in writing. Financial aid offers for incoming students are tentative pending the completion of the verification process. Should the verified information differ significantly from the original information provided on the FAFSA and/or CSS Profile, there may be a change in a students financial aid eligibility.

  • The federally subsidized work-study program gives students the opportunity to work a qualifying part-time job to assist with their educational expenses. Eligible students must have submitted their FAFSA by the priority filing deadline and demonstrate financial need to qualify. If students are eligible for federal work-study, it will be reflected on their offer of financial assistance.

    Students must conduct their own job search if they choose to utilize their award. Available positions are limited, and employment is not guaranteed.

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