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International Applicants

Information for International Students

Northeastern University is home to one of the largest international student communities in the United States, with over 12,098 international students coming from over 118 countries.


You should review the information found below if:

  • You are a non-U.S. Citizen applying to Northeastern from a high school or university in any country around the world, even the U.S.
  • You are a U.S. Citizen applying from a high school or university outside of the U.S.

You will find application information under Applying, enrollment information under Admitted Students, and additional details about services available for students, under Support.

All first-year and transfer applicants must apply with either the Common Application or Coalition Application. Please use the links below to review our application requirements and deadlines, and learn more about applying as a freshman or transfer to Northeastern.

On the application and any supporting documents, please use your name as it appears on your passport.

Northeastern expects all applicants to submit an application (essays, transcripts, test scores, etc.) that is in its entirety completed by the applicant. No part of the application can be completed by persons (including paid agents, admissions support agencies, or personnel) other than the student applying for admission. Use of such services violates Northeastern policies, and will lead to the rejection of application materials, the revocation of an admissions offer, cancellation of admission, or involuntary withdrawal from the university.

  • All first-year applicants will be expected (prior to enrolling) to complete a pre-university education program, earning a graduation certificate or diploma which will enable you to apply to university in your home country. Examples include your High School Diploma, IB Diploma, General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Levels (A-Levels), Attestat o Srednem (Polnom) Obshchem Obrazovanii, Baccalauréat, Bachillerato, General Secondary Education Certificate, Indian Standard XII Higher Secondary School Certificate, or West African Senior School Certificate.

    • All high school transcripts and academic records must be sent directly to Northeastern by your high school by the application deadline. Transcripts sent by you, your family or an independent educational consultant will not be accepted.
      • If you are deferred to Regular Decision from an earlier round, your high school should send the Mid-Year Report with an updated high school transcript.
      • If you’ve graduated from high school or will graduate before admissions decisions are released, your high school should send your final high school transcript (with date of graduation), and if applicable, your final results on any required national high school graduation exams.
    • If your education system does not issue transcripts, your high school must provide the academic records which detail the courses you’ve taken throughout high school, and the grades which you’ve received. Examples include internal grade reports, term or semester reports, mark sheets, or promotional or provisional examination results.

    If you are applying as a transfer student from an international university and wish to have courses evaluated for transfer credit after admittance, you will need to provide a certified transcript evaluation completed by a recognized credentialing agency, such as the Center for Educational Documentation (CED), SpanTranWorld Education Services (WES), or another recognized credentialing agency and the credentialed evaluation must include the following:

    • An indication that the institution is accredited in US terms
    • A course-by-course credit and grade conversion

    National Examinations

    • If you were required to complete any national examinations to progress into your pre-university education program, your high school must submit a copy of your results certificate. Examples include any GCSE, IGCSE, GCE O-Levels, Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate, Indian Standard X Secondary School Certificate, or Malaysian SPM exams.
    • If you are applying from an overseas high school and your secondary education culminates in national high school graduation examinations, the Admissions Committee highly recommends sending either final results (if available) or predicted results (if final results are not available by the application deadline). Examples include any IB, GCE A-Level, Cambridge Pre-U, French Baccalauréat, Indian Standard XII, CAPE, HKDSE, Malaysian STPM, or WASSCE exams.

    Predicted Grades

    While excluded from our standardized testing policy, the Admissions Committee highly recommends predicted grades for applicants from overseas high schools whose secondary education culminates in externally assessed high school graduation exams or university entrance exams.

    • For students who will graduate before admissions decisions are released: final results must be submitted by the exam board, or as a certified copy by your high school.
    • If you will not receive your final results until after admissions decisions are released, your high school should instead submit predicted grades.
    • Furthermore, all enrolling students will be required to submit final exam results, even students who applied “test optional” to Northeastern, as final exams also serve as proof of high school graduation.
    • If you are applying from a high school in the United States, submitting predicted grades is not required but entirely optional. Instead, you are encouraged to submit your first semester or first trimester grades once they become available, and your mid-year grades if you applied for Regular Decision or were deferred to Regular Decision from an earlier round.

    Predicted results should be submitted with the High School Transcript, Secondary School Report, or Counselor Recommendation; or submitted by a designated school official from a verifiable school email address, using either Northeastern’s Predicted Grades Request Form or your high school’s own predicted grades form.

    If your final test scores are not within an acceptable range of your predicted results, Northeastern reserves the right to rescind any offers of admission.

    Application Requirements for Common International Education Systems

    While Northeastern’s application requirement are largely identical for all first-year applicants and all transfer applicants – the application with Northeastern-specific questions, your academic records, secondary school report or college report, recommendation letters, standardized testing (optional), and English proficiency – the documents which ultimately satisfy those requirements, specifically for the academic records, will sometimes vary by education system. Below are the application requirements for common international education systems. If you do not see your education system listed below, contact

  • Optional Standardized Testing: For the 2022-2023 academic year, Northeastern University is test-optional and does not require applicants to submit standardized testing to be considered for admission.

    • All complete applications will be fully considered for admission to Northeastern, invitation to the University Honors Program, and any merit scholarships.
    • If you choose to apply without standardized testing, you will not be penalized or disadvantaged.
    • If you choose to submit standardized testing, you may submit the SAT(CEEB Code 3667), ACT (College Code 1880), or both.
    • Northeastern super-scores and will only consider your best score between the two types of tests.
    • All applicants from U.S. and international high schools will be able to choose to submit standardized testing (SAT or ACT) or not.
      Non-native English-speaking applicants must continue to submit official results from an approved English Language Test or request a waiver through the Application Status Check. For additional information, please read the English Language Proficiency section below.
  • Northeastern students will be exposed to not only a rigorous academic environment but also a fast-paced experiential one. In order to be successful in both, all freshman and transfer applicants, regardless of citizenship, must demonstrate proficiency in English to be considered for admission to Northeastern.


    Once your application is submitted, received, and processed, you will be able to access your Application Status Check. If you are required to provide further information regarding your proficiency in English, you will be able to complete the requirement in several ways, depending on your familiarity with English, and the frequency with which you use English each and every day:

    • Non-native English-speaking applicants will be required to submit official and valid results from one of the following English Language Tests:
    • However, based on your academic environment and the primary instructional language in either your high school or university, you may be eligible for a waiver. All waivers must be submitted through your Application Status Check. For additional information and to determine whether or not you are eligible for a waiver, please read the section below on waiving the English proficiency requirement.

    Please note: Northeastern’s Admissions Committee reserves the right to request proof of English language proficiency from any applicant, regardless of citizenship or first language, at any time during the evaluation process.

    English Language Testing

    If you are required to submit English Language Testing, you must submit results from one of the five tests listed below. Your results must be both valid (i.e. no more than 2 years old by the application deadline) and official (i.e. sent directly to Northeastern from the testing agency). The ranges provided below represent the middle 50% score ranges for students who were admitted and enrolled as first-year students in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. Please note: the scores provided below are not cut-off scores, but for estimating purposes, and in no way represent a promise or guarantee of admission.

    Additional Information
    • Results should be submitted to Northeastern by the application deadline. If you plan to take an English language test for the first or an additional time, once the application is submitted or the deadline has passed, please indicate planned future test dates on your application.
    • Results submitted to Northeastern after the application deadline will still be accepted, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to wait to receive your scores before making an admissions decision.
    • Northeastern will focus on your most recent English language test results. While some applicants may submit results from multiple English language tests across multiple test dates to provide additional context, Northeastern will not superscore results from English language testing or consider MyBest scores from applicants who choose to submit the TOEFL iBT.
    • If your English Language Testing indicates a need for additional study and support, but you otherwise meet the academic requirements for the degree-seeking program to which you applied, you may be considered for admission through NU Immerse, a one-year transitional acculturation and English language support program.

    Waiving Your English Proficiency Requirement

    Northeastern will waive the English proficiency requirement for applicants who not only complete 4 consecutive academic years in a high school or university where native English was the primary instructional language for all courses (except any foreign language courses) but also who meet one of the following criteria:
    • You achieved 4 or 5 on either AP English Language & Composition or AP English Language & Composition
    • Your either achieved or you are predicted to achieve any of the following International Baccalaureate (IB) results:
      • 5 or higher on English A: Language & Literature or English A: Literature (HL or SL)
      • 6 or 7 on HL English B
      • 7 on SL English B
    • You either achieved or you are predicted to achieve B or higher on GCE A-Level or AS-Level English Language or English Literature
    • You achieved B/6 or higher on GCSE English Language or English Literature
    • You achieved B/6 or higher on International GCSE or IGCSE English Language or English Literature (including First Language English, English A, English B, and Literature in English)
    • You achieved B or higher on GCE O-Level English Language
    • You were enrolled in the American or British Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB) section and you achieved or you are predicted to achieve 12 or higher on English Language & Literature
    • For applicants whose high schools did not offer AP, IB, or A-Level courses: Northeastern will consider your waiver request if you completed your secondary education in a majority native English-speaking country, and you received no grades lower than a B (or the international equivalent) in any English language, literature or composition courses, including your high school’s standard 12th Grade English course (or higher).

    If you were enrolled in any courses or programs which were designed for English Language Learners, such as any English as a Second Language courses, during the 4 years immediately before enrolling at Northeastern, you are not eligible for a waiver unless you can provide final results from one of the exams indicated above (i.e. AP English, IB English, A-Level English, or (I)GCSE). If you cannot provide final results, you should plan to submit results from an approved English language test.

    If you meet the criteria for a waiver, you can submit a waiver request through your Application Status Check. Once submitted, if your application is otherwise complete, your request will be reviewed in 3-5 business days.


    Northeastern does not offer alumni or on-campus interviews, but Northeastern will consider and evaluate third-party, unscripted video interviews submitted through InitialView and Vericant, which will allow you to personally discuss your academic and personal background. Please note: neither will replace English language testing when testing is required.

    In order for the Admissions Committee to review your interview before any admissions decisions are finalized, your interview must be received by the following deadlines:

    • Early Decision I: November 15
    • Early Action: December 1
    • Early Decision II: January 15
    • Regular Decision: February 1
  • All international students applying to Northeastern are required to complete and submit the Declaration and Certification of Finances (DCF), which is designed to assist the Admissions Committee in obtaining complete and accurate information about each applicant’s anticipated financial support. Each applicant must verify your ability to fully finance your Northeastern education, including tuition and fees, room and board, and personal living expenses. Information is necessary as the financial support for international students at Northeastern is limited:

    • International students are not eligible for financial aid at Northeastern which includes both institutional need-based grants and federal student financial aid. Additional information for international students is available here.
    • International students are eligible for merit scholarships which range from $10,000 to $30,000 per year. No additional application is necessary, as your application for admission serves as your scholarship application. Merit scholarships are extremely competitive, however, and do not cover the full cost of attendance.

    Once your application is submitted, and processed by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, you will be given access to your Application Status Check. You can access the DCF through your Application Status Check. Instructions are provided here. You should also review our frequently asked questions document for additional information.

  • Documents should be submitted online through the Common Application or Coalition Application. Documents not submitted through an application can be sent from a high school or university email address to or mailed. Mailing instructions are also available below.

    • Test results must be sent directly to Northeastern from the testing agency or examination board.
    • Transcripts must be sent directly from your high school or university.
    • Results from national examinations, which are only released to the student, can either be scanned and sent to Northeastern from a verifiable high school email address, or a certified copy can also be mailed to Northeastern.
    • Official English translations will be required for documents which are provided in languages other than English. A school official or a translation agency accredited in the country of the educational institution can issue the translation.

    You can send your application fee or fee waiver requests (if being sent separately from the application) as well as FedEx, UPS, or Priority Mail packages to:

    The Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    200 Kerr Hall
    Northeastern University
    360 Huntington Ave.
    Boston, MA 02115-5000 USA

     Transcripts and recommendations which were not submitted online can be mailed to:

    Northeastern University
    Application Processing Center
    P.O. Box 8210
    Portsmouth, NH 03802 USA

Congratulations and welcome to our vibrant community of talented, intellectually curious, and ambitious admitted students! At Northeastern, you will pursue your passions, discover new opportunities, stretch your mind, and prepare to make an impact on the world—all before you graduate.

If you have questions about enrolling at Northeastern, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions team at

Next Steps

Below you will find steps to confirm your enrollment and prepare for your first year as a Husky!

    • Go to the myNortheastern welcome page, here.
    • Click on “Request Access.”
    • Under “Students,” select “Activate Account.”
    • Provide the following:
      • Your NU ID, which is available through your Application Status Check, on your admissions letter, or in your application acknowledgement email.
      • Your Social Security Number. If you do not have or did not provide your Social Security Number on the application, then you will be provided with another number in your App Status Check, under the Terms of Admission.
      • Your permanent address zip code. If your permanent address is outside of the United States, you should use Northeastern’s Boston Campus zip code: 02115.
  • You can submit your enrollment deposit online through the myNortheastern admitted student portal. Your enrollment deposit will vary depending on the program which you were offered admission:
    • Fall Semester (including Honors or General Studies): $600.00
    • All International students must also pay a one-time International Student Fee ($350)
    • The Program: See here.
    • NU Bound: $1,200.00
    • NU Immerse: $600.00
  •  Between 24-48 hours after you pay your enrollment deposits, you will be able to access your Housing Application through myNortheastern.

    If you were offered Fall Semester admission, you are required to live on-campus during your first two years.

  • Information below applies to the following admitted students:

    • Arriving on our Boston campus in either the upcoming Fall or Spring Semesters.
    • If you were offered admission through, you will apply for your student visa through The Program. Further instructions will be provided by the program, or you can review the “Travel Information” provided for your specific site.

    International students have to submit a request for their Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student (F1) Status or Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status. You will need the F student visa for academic or short-term English programs. You will need the J student visa for specific government- or university-sponsored educational exchange programs.

    • Between 24-48 hours after you pay for your enrollment deposit, you will be able to access myOGS – Northeastern’s online portal for international students – which you can access through your myNortheastern portal.
    • If you will study on the F student visa, you must request your initial Form I-20, or request to transfer your I-20 if you are already studying in the U.S.
      • International students admitted through the Program should read information provided here to learn more about their process for the Spring Semester.
    • You must provide a copy of the identity pass of your passport, and financial documentation indicating available funds equal to or exceeding the amount needed to attend Northeastern for at least a full academic year.
    • Once you receive your Certificate of Eligibility, you need to apply for either a F-1 Student Visa or your J-1 Student Visa.
    • Upon your arrival in Boston, you will need to check-in with the Office of Global Services (OGS).

    If you have any questions about your visa application process, you can contact the Office of Global Services (OGS).

  • By June 30, your final high school transcript must be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, in order to demonstrate completion of secondary education and to serve as proof of graduation.

    Advanced Credit

    You may be eligible for up to 32 advanced credits if you have completed any of the following examinations:

    • Advanced Placement (AP)
    • International Baccalaureate (IB)
    • GCE Advanced Level (A-Level)
    • French Baccalauréat
    • German Abitur
    • Swiss Maturität/Maturité/Maturità

    See here for more information available through our Transfer Credit Database.

    Advanced credit is not granted until the original certificate (or an official copy) from the examination board has been received and evaluated by Northeastern. Results from any AP exams should be sent directly from the College Board; our CEEB Code is: 3667. Results from any IB exams must be sent electronically from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

    • If your high school operates on a different schedule, you will be granted an extension and not penalized for the late arrival of your graduation certificate or final academic records.
    • If you were an IB Diploma candidate, Northeastern will require your official IB transcript sent electronically from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).
    • If you are submitting national examination results as proof of graduation, such as the GCE A-Levels, they should be sent once results become available. You need to provide an original or certified copy of your official certificate once certificates become available.
  •  All students have to register for New Student Orientation. International students will be required to attend the International Student Orientation. Additional information will be shared.

  • April


    • Your enrollment deposit is due by May 1 if you were offered admission in Early Action or Regular Decision.
    • Parents and guardians can request access to the Parent/Guardian myNortheastern portal in order to access tuition bills and view transcripts once their student has activated their account.


    • Housing Assignments will be released in mid-June and continue throughout the Summer. Assignments are made and released in order of the enrollment deposit date.
    • All freshman living on-campus will be required to have a meal plan. Make adjustments to your meal plan through myNortheastern.
    • Beginning in mid-June, all international students with nonimmigrant student (F-1) status will receive information about your mandatory Office of Global Service (OGS) session.
    • New Student Orientation: will occur between June and August.
      • Before Orientation, you must:
        • Provide a photo for your Husky ID card.
        • Complete your Student Financial Responsibility Agreement which is available through your myNortheastern portal.
        • Complete Section 1 of your I-9 Employment Eligibility Form (which you can find in your myNortheastern portal) and bring along with you to Orientation if you’re interested in on-campus student employment.
      • Parent/Family Orientation will occur during New Student Orientation. If your parents/guardians need to find a nearby hotel, check here.
    • Beginning in late June, students will participate in Pre-departure Orientation (PDO). Students will also participate in an on-site orientation when they arrive in their host country. A two-day New Student Orientation will welcome students back to the Boston campus in January.
    • Bills for the Fall Semester will be posted in mid-June for students who will begin through The Program. Payment is due by mid-July. Contact your counselor in Student Financial Services if you have any questions.


    New Freshman and Transfers will receive bills for the Fall Semester in early July; payment is due by early August. Contact your counselor in Student Financial Services if you have any questions. Along with your first bill, you will receive information about the Northeastern University Student Health Plan (NUSHP), along with a waiver if you already have health insurance.


    • In mid-August, you will receive Move-In Instructions and information about arriving on-campus for the Fall Semester.
    • All international students will attend the New Student Orientation in late August, immediately preceding the Fall Semester.


    Undergraduate classes begin in early September. You can check the academic calendar to find the first day of classes, as well as the schedule for breaks, holidays, and closures.

Over 12,089 international students and scholars, from over 118 countries, study and conduct research at Northeastern, across the undergraduate and graduate programs in our schools and colleges, enriching the intellectual life on campus, and advancing cross-cultural understanding among faculty, students, and alumni.

We want you to feel as at home at Northeastern as you do in your home country. To that end, our university has many resources available to help you adjust to living and studying in the U.S.

Office of Global Services (OGS)

From admission to after graduation, Northeastern’s Office of Global Services (OGS) will be an active resource for our international students and their families.

In addition to issuing your Certificate of Eligibility and sponsoring all international students, OGS will assist with any international student-related issues, including SEVIS compliance and related federal regulations, ensuring you maintain your lawful student status. In addition to New Student Orientation, all international students must attend the International Student Check-In and Mandatory Clearance Session.

Once settled, work with your OGS advisors or Global Student Mentors to learn more about on-campus student employment and Optional Practical Training (OPT). Throughout the semester, you will be able to attend a wide variety of cross-cultural programs and events, meant to assist you during your transition to Northeastern, and meet your fellow classmates.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising will help you stay on track to meet your academic goals and take advantage of the wealth of resources available to you.

Colleges and Schools:

Bouvé College of Health Sciences

College of Arts, Media and Design

College of Engineering

College of Science

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

D’Amore-McKim School of Business

Khoury College of Computer Sciences

University-wide Programs:

Explore Program for undeclared students

General Studies Program

Honors Program

The Program

Global Experience Office (GEO)

GEO will help you study at renowned institutions and participate in dynamic co-op opportunities around the world.

Career Development Office

Choosing the right career means figuring out what your skills and interests are and the Career Development Office has the resources and tools to help you.

Student Financial Services

To learn more about tuition and fees, and available financing options, contact Student Financial Services.

University Health and Counseling Services

Here you will find access to care and medical services, behavioral health, as well as resources for you own health and wellness.