Summer Bridge Scholars Program

Preparing for Excellence

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Summer Bridge Scholars Program—an immersive in-person experience designed to build community and accelerate your Northeastern journey.  

Taking place from July 25–29, the Summer Bridge Scholars Program provides an opportunity for engagement and pre-enrollment support to first-year students living in the United States from historically underrepresented populations at the university. This specifically includes students identifying as Black/African American, Indigenous (Native American, Native Hawaiian, Alaskan Native), Latinx, or a multiethnic background including one or more of those identities, and first-generation students*. Summer Bridge is designed to help you begin your Northeastern journey with a preview of the academic experience, insight into the valuable resources available to you, and opportunities to build a supportive community of faculty, mentors, and new friends. 

*First-generation college student is defined as an undergraduate whose parents do not have a bachelor’s or higher degree. 

Next Steps

Keep an eye on your email inbox for more information about the Summer Bridge Scholars Program, including more details on how to participate.

What to Expect

Through this program, you will begin to chart your academic path, build your network in your college or program, and form lasting relationships across all the colleges at Northeastern. You will have the opportunity to participate in various fun and engaging programming alongside other first-year scholars, including team building, leadership development, group activities, and more. Throughout the Summer Bridge Scholars Program, you will connect with faculty, staff, and current students, establishing a strong network before beginning your classes.

Connect with Your College

Summer Bridge includes opportunities for breakout sessions with your college, helping you understand the fundamentals and expectations of your college and giving you a valuable foundation when classes begin. 

Build Your Community

In addition to preparing you for academic success, Summer Bridge is also an opportunity for fellowship and belonging. Through interactive workshops and academic previews with your peers, you will get to know your new community. 

Achieve Your Goals

From international Rhodes Scholars to Goldwater Award winners, Summer Bridge alumni have become leaders in their fields. Through your Summer Bridge participation, you will become part of this growing network of scholars from every discipline and college, with outstanding opportunities for mentorship and collaboration. 

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Summer Bridge believes in fostering an inclusive environment for students and their families. If you or your family has any questions about the Summer Bridge Scholars Program in any language, please contact us.