NU Immerse

NU Immerse is a distinctive first-year university experience for non-native English-speaking students who are looking for an advanced English language program built on a foundation of rigorous academics.

Throughout NU Immerse, you will benefit from robust academics and acculturation support. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be prepared to fully matriculate into your chosen degree program of study, enriched from your experience.

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What is NU Immerse?


NU Immerse is a transitional experience for non-native English-speaking students, offering advanced English language preparation and an introduction to college culture through a year-long program in Boston. This immersive program is an excellent start to your university studies and provides a comprehensive academic and cultural experience designed to help you succeed at Northeastern University and improve your English language skills.


For the highly motivated student—NU Immerse is your opportunity to jump into the flow of college life while exposing you to an environment that will enable you to develop your academic skills, strengthen your résumé, and prepare you for a successful transition to Northeastern. Throughout your time in NU Immerse, you will benefit from support every step of the way.

Program Information and Requirements

The two-semester NU Immerse program begins in the fall and is offered at Northeastern’s main campus in Boston. All courses are taught by Northeastern faculty. Upon successful completion of either program, you will continue on to your degree program at Northeastern’s campus in Boston the following fall.

  • Students in the NU Immerse program may earn between 20-24 credits, depending upon their English language proficiency level.
  • If you have AP, IB, A-level, or other advanced standing credits from high school that Northeastern accepts, we will work with you to offer alternative course options. You can review Northeastern’s advanced exam credit policies here.
  • NU Immerse participants will have the option of living in Lightview, a university affiliated student apartment complex, for the duration of the program.

Your admission to your degree program at Northeastern is guaranteed provided you meet the following requirements and complete the program:

    • 3.0 GPA in academic coursework
    • 3.0 GPA in English coursework
    • Earn a C or better in all courses during Fall 2021
    • Earn a B- or better in all courses during Spring 2022

NU Immerse

NU Immerse students studying at our Boston location will begin their studies directly at Northeastern’s main campus. Northeastern’s vibrant campus is a one-of-a-kind sanctuary of lush green spaces and tree-lined pathways located right in the heart of Boston. It truly is a traditional college campus within a city.


As an NU Immerse Boston student, we encourage you to consider living in Lightview, a university affiliated student apartment complex with a wide range of amenities. Opening as new construction in September 2019, LightView offers students state-of-the-art housing at a prime location for Northeastern students. LightView offers a variety of apartment styles for 12-month leases beginning in September. You can find information about LightView on the American Campus website. Here, you will find photographs, a full list of amenities, and competitive pricing details for each apartment style. In LightView, building-wide programming is provided by Community Assistants, who are current Northeastern students, and NU Immerse students living in LightView will have additional programming specific to their needs. NU Immerse Boston students may also opt to secure their own housing outside of university affiliated properties, and we would encourage you to use resources from Off Campus Housing and Support Services if you choose this option.

The following schedules outline likely course options for the fall 2021 / spring 2022 NU Immerse Boston program, please note that these course options may be subject to change.

Fall Term

During the fall term, NU Immerse Boston students will embark on one of two academic pathways. Please note that this coursework may vary between students depending on the amount of advanced credit earned.

Track One Courses Track Two Courses
-Advanced Reading and Writing -Advanced Reading and Writing
-Advanced Listening and Speaking -Sociology of Boston
-Sociology of Boston -Community Learning I
-Community Learning I -Technology and Human Values
-1 Elective Course (varies by major) -2 Elective Courses (varies by major)
-Intro to American Government -Intro to American Government
-Technology and Human Values -Intro to Philosophy
-Microeconomics/Macroeconomics -Microeconomics
-Pre-Calculus or Calc 1 for Business & Econ -Pre-Calculus or Calculus
-Pre-Calculus or Calc I for Engineering -Pre-Calculus or Calc I for Engineering


Spring Term

During the spring term, you will continue to complete coursework, now focusing on your program of study. Please note that this coursework may vary between students depending on the amount of advanced credit earned.

– Calculus I OR Calculus II for Science + Engineering​

Business and Economics Engineering, Math, and Science Humanities and Social Sciences
– Critical Writing – Critical Writing – Critical Writing
– Community Learning II – Community Learning II – Community Learning II
– Professional Speaking – Professional Speaking – Professional Speaking

Plus two of the following courses:

– Intro to Philosophy – Intro to Philosophy – Intro to Philosophy
– Intro to US History – Intro to US History – Intro to US History
– Music of the USA – Music of the USA – Music of the USA
– Microeconomics – Microeconomics – Microeconomics
– Calculus I for Business + Econ – Calculus I OR Calculus II for Science + Engineering – Principles of Macroeconomics
– Principles of Macroeconomics

Learn more about the NU Immerse Boston faculty and staff here.

To confirm your enrollment in NU Immerse Boston, you must pay your $600 non-refundable enrollment deposit by May 1. Your enrollment deposit can be submitted through your Application Status Check.


Additional information on housing options with Lightview can be found here. For two semesters in Boston, tuition costs will be $44,350.


Students participating in NU Immerse Boston must obtain a U.S. visa approved for study if required. Northeastern’s Office of Global Services (OGS) will provide enrolling students with support during the visa application process. You can learn more about the U.S. Student visa application requirements and application process here.


Have Questions? Check our the Frequently Asked Questions for NU Immerse Boston.

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