Combined Majors

Passionate about philosophy but have a knack for computer science? Looking to improve your Spanish and develop a firm understanding of international affairs? At Northeastern, combined majors allow you to do both. Combined majors are unique, hybrid degree programs that encourage students to explore multiple academic fields, all while staying on track for graduation. Northeastern offers 180+ defined combined majors with curriculum specific to each individual academic program.

When applying to Northeastern through the Common or Coalition Application, you may apply directly into any of the combined majors. If you are interested in a major combination not listed below, upon enrolling at Northeastern, we encourage you to speak with your academic advisor to explore what opportunities may be available for you to study both subjects. Though the academic experience in a combined major may occur across two colleges, upon graduation, one degree will be conferred by one academic college. The college that will award the degree will be listed on your Application Status Check, and will not have any impact on your application for admission, as applicants to all majors and colleges are considered holistically.

180+ combined majors are listed below in alphabetical order, along with the names of the associated colleges. For example: Computer Science and Behavioral Neuroscience (Khoury, COS) is a degree program consisting of courses housed in the Khoury College of Computer Sciences and the College of Science. If a program lists only one college, that combined major will include courses from two distinct degree programs within the same college. A list of college names and acronyms are provided below. To see all majors offered at Northeastern, check out our Areas of Study page.

* Indicates combined majors offered at our NU Oakland Campus

College of Arts, Media and Design CAMD
Khoury College of Computer Sciences Khoury
Bouvé College of Health Sciences Bouvé
College of Social Sciences and Humanities CSSH
D’Amore-McKim School of Business D’Amore-McKim
College of Engineering COE
College of Science COS

Combined Majors FAQ

  • A double major entails completing all requirements for both majors. Depending on the majors, there may be an overlap in requirements. Conversely, combined majors require at least nine courses associated with each of the two participating disciplines, rather than completing all requirements for each major. There must be at least one course that acts as a bridge between the disciplines.

  • Students completing a combined major will receive one degree and one diploma. Majors will be printed on the diploma for nonspecified degrees only (Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts). For example, a diploma may read: Bachelor of Science, Data Science/Physics.

  • Yes, you may request a major change to a combined major by following the standard procedure for changing majors. The combined major should be declared by the end of the first semester of junior year. It is generally advantageous to declare the combined major as early as possible, especially when highly structured disciplinary components are involved.

  • Yes, students completing a combined major will be charged the regular undergraduate tuition.

  • Students in combined majors will work closely with advisors and engage in programming from each discipline. You are welcome to explore your academic and experiential offerings in either discipline.